How to Make Cuban Coffee: Step by Step Guide

After French refugees came into Cuba, coffee became a big thing in the country. Apart from becoming an important cash crop, coffee was an ingredient in a popular refreshment known as Cuban Coffee or Cuban espresso

Cuban coffee isn’t only famous in the streets of Havana. It has become loved in many countries across the world. Famous for its exotic look and taste, the drink is ideal for people of all ages.

But there isn’t any need to visit an expensive coffee shop before you can taste this incredible refreshment. Surprisingly, you can make a brew of Cuban espresso from the comfort of your home. With this post, we will teach you about the drink and how to make Cuban Coffee.

how to make cuban coffee

What Is Cuban Coffee?

Cuban Coffee is a coffee-drink that comes from Cuba. Famous for its unique taste and flavor, this drink is made by brewing regular coffee beans with sugar and served in a tiny cup. Compared to similar types of beverages, Cuban Coffee is probably one of the strongest coffee drinks in any cafe

In Cuba, Cuban Espresso is an important part of Cuban culture. Most times, the locals take this beverage with their meals or as a standalone refreshment. It is even common to see workers take the drink during breaks.

Cuban Coffee is known by other names such as cafecito, Cuban shot, and Cuban pull. Apart from bearing several names, there are different forms of this beverage.

Types of Cuban Coffee

At homes or cafes, Cuban Coffee is served in various forms. Now here are the popular types of Cuban Coffee that you can find.

Cafe Con Lenche

This beverage is made with steamed whole milk and unsweetened Cuban espresso. It is one of the popular forms of Cuban Coffee and is traditionally served at breakfast tables.


Colada is another popular style of Cuban coffee. It consists of Cuban espresso and a sugary foam known as Espumita. It is normal to see this drink served from styrofoam cups into smaller cups.


This type of Cuban Coffee uses less of the Cuban espresso with extra steamed milk and sugar. If you aren’t a fan of sweet things, you can skip the sugar.

Now, let’s show you how to make the best Cuban coffee, you ever had.

How to Make Cuban Coffee

These steps are perfect for making a cup of Cuban espresso with sugary foam. We will show you how to make this incredible beverage with or without an espresso machine or Moka machine.

How to Make Cuban Coffee with an Espresso Machine

1. Prepare the espresso

Whip out your espresso machine and fill it up with ground espresso coffee beans and water. Then set the stove to medium-high and brew the beans for about 10 mins. Before you start this task, ensure that you have gone through the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Prepare the sugary froth

Pour some granulated sugar into a creamer cup or measuring cup. Take the espresso maker and add a few drops of concentrated coffee brew into the sugar. Continue to brew the coffee and do not turn off the maker.

In the measuring or creamer cup, stir the sugar with the concentrated coffee brew until the mixture turns into a light, foamy liquid. For the best results, ensure that you stir the combo vigorously. Stir the paste for up to 2-3 minutes. You can also pour in extra few concentrated drops of coffee.

3. Add the sugar to the brewed coffee

Add all of the brewed espresso to the sugar froth. Now, stir the combo slowly until you have a perfect mixture.

4. Serve

Pour the beverage into serving cups. Since you are making Cuban coffee,  it is advised that you drink them from espresso or demitasse cups. These tiny coffee cups are the traditional items for drinking Cuban coffee. If you don’t have any, you can pick some from a nearby store.

How to Make Cuban Coffee with a Moka Pot

If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use a Moka Pot instead. Compared to using an espresso, there isn’t much difference with using a Moka pot. Now here are the steps for using a Moka Pot to brew Cuban coffee with a sugary froth.

1. Fill the pot with water

Pour water into the lower chamber of the Moka pot. Ensure that the water level gets to the safety release valve.

2. Prepare the coffee

Fill the filter with ground coffee until it reaches the top. Keep the coffee level by using a clean finger.

Set the filter into the bottom chamber of the Moka pot and screw the collection pot until it is tight. Place the Moka pot over a stove at medium heat. Avoid too much heat as it results in poorly brewed coffee.

Leave the water on the stove until it boils. By this time, the steam produced will push the hot water through the coffee thereby allowing it to collect at the top chamber of the filter.

3. Prepare the sugary foam

Whip out two espresso cups and add a teaspoon of sugar to each one. You can use brown or white sugar.

4. Make the coffee and sugar combo

If the coffee brew is ready, take the Moka pot from the stove and pour a teaspoon of the brew into each of the espresso cups that contain the sugar.

In one cup, stir the sugar until it is foamy and slightly thick. Repeat the process in the second cup.

Fill both cups with the remaining coffee in the Moka pot and serve. Cuban Coffee is best enjoyed as a hot beverage. With this in mind, serve the drink immediately after preparation.

Are There Any Benefits to Taking Cuban Coffee?

Of course, they are! Apart from having an amazing taste, Cuban Coffee offers some benefits to the body. However, it is healthier if you skip sugar completely and take it in the right doses. Since you can’t prepare the beverage without sugar, try using small amounts of the sweetener or taking Cuban Coffee moderately.

Now here are some benefits of adding Cuban coffee or cafecito to your diet.

Helps Keep Your Brain Function

Because it contains coffee, this beverage keeps you alert and improves your mental performance. It even lifts your spirits and brightens your mood.

Helps with Physical Activity

If taken properly, Cuban coffee can be a supplement for sports and physical activities. After all, coffee can improve the performance and endurance of people who consume the beverage.

Can I Make Cuban Coffee with Any Type of Coffee Beans?

Yes, you can use regular coffee to make Cuban coffee. But if you prefer a specific product, try Espresso ground coffee or extra-strong coffee. As there are expensive and affordable brands, you can find something to meet your budget.

Extra Tips for Making Your Cuban Coffee Healthy

Cuban coffee might be a sweet beverage but there healthy ways to consume it. Apart from avoiding mountains of sugar in your cup, these tips will make your coffee healthier.

1. Make Your Cuban Coffee with a Good Brand of Coffee

Go for organic brands because they are safer for consumption than normal coffee. Organic brands are ideal because they do not contain high levels of toxic materials from pesticides.

2. Drink Small Doses of Cuban Coffee

Taking too many coffee drinks can affect your mental and physical health. For this reason, aim for around two or fewer cups per day.

3. Add a Paper Filter to the Brewing Process

Because brewing coffee results in the production of unhealthy compounds, try brewing the ground coffee with a paper filter. When used, the paper helps keep out the compounds from your Cuban coffee.

4. Stick with Morning Coffee

Coffee can be a great drink at any time of the day. But it is healthier if you avoided taking a cup, especially during late hours.

Taking coffee in the evening can affect your quality of sleep. So if you are looking for the best time to take Cuban coffee, do not guzzle caffeine after 2 – 3 p.m.

Wrapping Up

Cuban Coffee is an espresso that contains brewed coffee and sugar froth. It is a popular drink with a unique strong taste and is known by other names like cafecito or Cuban espresso.

This beverage can be made by brewing any type of coffee and pouring the liquid into a cup filled with sugar. The mixture is stirred until a frothy liquid is formed. Then all the coffee is poured into tiny cups.

To prepare the best Cuban Coffee, choose organic brands. Also, add some paper filters to the coffee maker. When it comes to the sugar used, you can use either brown or granulated sugar. For a traditional feel, serve the beverage in espresso cups.

Cuban coffee has its benefits. But it is advised that you avoid using excess sugar with the beverage. It is also recommended that you take this drink in safe doses.