How to Make Chicory Coffee: Step-by-step Guide

For centuries, chicory was used as a drug or tea. But in modern times, some people combine chicory and coffee to make “chicory Coffee” while others take chicory alone.

Although it contains different ingredients, chicory coffee reminds us of coffee. With this in mind, it is loved by many coffee enthusiasts across the world. Besides, it has many benefits, especially when consumed in suitable doses.

Do you want to know how to make chicory coffee? Apart from showing you how to brew this beverage, this post will teach you everything you need to know about the drink.

how to make chicory coffee

What is Chicory Coffee?

Chicory coffee is prepared by brewing roasted, ground chicory roots into regular coffee. When taken, it offers a nutty or woody aroma.

Many people take chicory coffee as an alternative to regular coffee. After all, the former contains less caffeine than regular coffee. For this purpose, chicory coffee stands as a healthier option for many people.

Nobody is sure about the origins of chicory coffee. However, some claim that two men discovered the drink in 19th century Holland, while others claim that the beverage was first prepared by the French as a substitute for coffee.

Today, chicory coffee has spread to many parts of the world and has become a major staple in many coffee shops.

How to Make Chicory Coffee

Fortunately, there is no need to get on a trip before you can enjoy the taste of chicory coffee. When it comes down to it, you can prepare this delicious beverage from your kitchen.

But before you can learn how to make chicory coffee, it would help if you got the required ingredients and equipment. Here are some of the items needed to make a perfect cup of chicory coffee.

Things You’d Need

  • Chicory Roots – You might find some chicory roots at a local store. But since chicory roots are not usually sold in grocery stores, you can pick them in the wild.
  • Coffee – Since chicory tastes like coffee, you can skip it on your list. But if you prefer combining both items, go for regular coffee brands.
  • Milk (optional)
  • Baking Sheets or Pan – Used to roast the harvested chicory roots.
  • Burr Grinder or Mortar Pestle- Perfect for grinding the chicory roots into powder.
  • Coffee Machine: Any type of coffee-making machine can handle this task. So you can use anything from an espresso machine to a french press.
  • Sharp Knife

The Steps

1. Prepare the chicory roots

Whip out a sharp knife and cut the chicory roots into nothing more than an inch. For a perfect roast, ensure that the chicory roots are cut in the same size.

2. Cook the chicory

Place the cut chicory roots into the baking pan or baking sheets. Move the pan or sheet into the oven and set the heat to 350 degrees. Remove the roots as soon as they are golden brown or have a coffee-life aroma.

3. Grind the chicory roots

Remove the roots from the pan or sheet and place them inside the burr grinder. Remember to grind them vigorously as you ground coffee beans. If you are using an expresso machine to grind your roots, you will end up with finely ground chicory root powder.

4. Mix the coffee with chicory

There are many ways to perform this task. However, it depends on the type of chicory coffee that you prefer. If you want to experience the original chicory coffee taste, skip this part and do not add any coffee yet.

For people who prefer the coffee taste without feeling the effects of caffeine, mix 4 parts of the chicory powder with 1 part of the coffee. But if you want to minimize your caffeine intake, mix 2 parts of the chicory, instead, with 1 part of the coffee.

5. Prepare the chicory coffee

Brew the combo with your coffee machine as just you would with regular coffee. As soon as the beverage is ready, pour in cups and serve.

How to Make New Orleans Style Cafe Au Lait

The New Orleans  Style Cafe Au Lait is a style of making chicory coffee. It consists of chicory coffee and scalded milk. As expected, it is a delicious way to start or end the day. Now here are the steps and items needed to make New Orleans Style Cafe Au Lait.

Things You’d Need

  • Coffee – you can use dark roast french market coffee
  • Chicory – Instead of roasting the chicory roots, you can use prepackaged ground chicory roots. This ingredient is available at online and offline stores
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Coffee maker
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Saucepan
  • Measuring Cup

The Steps

  1. Grind the coffee beans
  2. Place the grounds into a paper filter
  3. Place the paper filter with the grounds into the upper chamber of the coffee maker.
  4. Pour some water into a saucepan until it boils.
  5. Pour the boiled water into a measuring jug.
  6. Add some hot water to the coffee grounds
  7. Bring out the milk and heat it to a scalding point on a stove ( a step below boiling)
  8. Pour in the hot coffee brew and scalded milk into a cup.
  9. Heat another round of milk and whisk until it creates foam.
  10. Pour the foam into the cup of coffee. Sweeten as desired.

How to Brew Chicory Coffee without Coffee

Even though this method does not use coffee, the final product is also known as called “chicory coffee”. Now, here are the items needed and the steps involved.

Things You’d Need

  • Roasted Chicory Root Powder
  • Water
  • Milk (optional)
  • Molasses ( optional)
  • Cup

The Steps

  1. Heat a cup of water to a boil and pour in two spoons of the chicory powder. Cover the brew and allow to simmer for about 15 minutes.
  2. Strain the liquid into another cup and serve. If you have a sweet tooth, you can try molasses or sugar. For something extra special, combine honey and milk.

Health Benefits of Chicory Coffee

Compared to some variations of coffee, chicory coffee offers many benefits to the body and mind. But before, you can enjoy the benefits of chicory coffee, it would help if you took it without sugar and in moderate doses. Now here are some of the health benefits of sipping a cup of chicory coffee.

It might help with weight loss

Chicory can make you lose weight by controlling your appetite and food intake. Also, a study discovered that chicory contains fibers that lessen the hormones linked to feeling hungry.

It supports the growth of healthy bacteria

Chicory contains inulin that feeds the bacteria in the gut. With these bacteria, the body can absorb minerals better, cut down inflammation and fight bacteria.

It helps with digestion

Asides from supporting bacteria in your gut, inulin found in chicory may aid healthy digestion. According to a study, people who took consumed chicory had a lesser chance of developing constipation.

It reduces stress

Caffeine in coffee is one of the major causes of stress. But since chicory coffee boasts of low caffeine levels, it helps control your cortisol levels. With this in mind, chicory is one of the best ways to cut down your caffeine consumption.

It fights inflammation

Chicory contains polyphenols that fight against inflammation. According to research, consuming chicory coffee positively changed the way the red blood cells could handle inflammation. For this reason, chicory coffee is a great way to avoid some chronic medical conditions.

Can Everyone Take Chicory Coffee?

Chicory might have loads of healthy benefits. However, it not an ideal beverage for breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women. Also, it is not recommended for people who have allergies to birch pollen and ragweed.

Wrapping Up

Chicory is a popular beverage known for its distinct flavor. It can be taken with coffee or as a drink on its own. It is prepared from roasted chicory roots. After the roots are roasted, they are pounded into a fine powder — which is mixed with coffee to make chicory coffee.

There are many health benefits of taking chicory coffee. Apart from reducing stress, it aids digestion and fights inflammation. It even plays a major role in cutting down on excess fats.

However, chicory coffee is not suitable for nursing mothers, pregnant women, and people with allergies.