10 Best Columbian Coffee Brands (2022 Review)

Although there are different coffees in the world; Columbian coffee has continuously been rated one of the best by many a connoisseur. Its origins can be traced to the early 1800s when the Arabic coffee plantations started.

You may be wondering ‘What’s special about Columbian coffee?’ The answer rests in the fact that it has an unrivaled bean flavor, which is largely attributed to the near-perfect high-altitude climate and unique geography of Columbia. Add to the fact that the country is known for the production of the famous, high-end Arabica coffee and it becomes easier to understand why Columbian coffee is special.

best columbian coffee brands

Best Columbian Coffee Brands: Our Top Recommendations

You might have tasted Columbian coffee before. But have you tasted the best Columbian coffee? Let’s discover the best Columbian brands you can trust for a pleasurable experience.

1. Folgers

Folgers Coffee is a brand owned and operated by Folgers Coffee Company, which originally started out in 1850 in California as the Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills. By the early 1990s, Folgers had become one of the largest-selling ground coffees in the United States and continued to enjoy widespread acceptance across the country.

Today, Folgers offers coffees in mild, medium, medium-dark, and dark roasts to cater to different tastes and preferences. The brand’s Classic Roast is one of the bestselling products in the medium roast line, delivering rich, smooth flavor and a famously fresh aroma. This particular coffee is available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties. But if you’re a fan of truly dark roast, Folgers Black Silk makes for a good choice.

2. Melitta

With its beginnings dating back to 1908, the Melitta brand has stood for passion and quality for more than a century. The brand is named after Melitta Bentz, a housewife in Minden, Germany, who searched for a better way to make a cleaner cup of coffee. Her discovery is a forerunner to all modern pour-over and drip coffee brewing worldwide. Melitta made its way into the USA in 1963 and soon became a favorite for many coffee enthusiasts.

Looking to give Melitta a try? Melitta Premium Roast is a good place to start. This medium roast coffee suits any coffeemaker and provides a rich, full-bodied cup that is always smooth and never better. Another option is its Colombia Supreme Coffee, which is great for a delightfully smooth cup of Joe.

3. Gevalia

With more than 150 years of Swedish craftsmanship, Gevalia is a brand that scores high in terms of quality and popularity among coffee lovers. The brand is a subsidiary of Kraft Heinz, a company based in Chicago, Illinois. Gevalia coffee is easy to spot, thanks to its packaging which is arguably the prettiest of all coffees on the list. That’s not all, the brand makes a rare coffee that performs well in a microwave and tastes as good reheated as it does freshly brewed.

Coming to its product line, Gevalia offers a variety of premium coffees for your choosing, numbering more than 30. A public favorite from the company is the Medium Roast House Blend Ground Coffee, which delivers a complex, medium-bodied flavor with caramel undertones. Whatever Gevalia coffee you decide to go for, you can rest assured of a perfect sip.

4. Don Francisco’s Coffee

A family-run business founded in 1870, Don Francisco is a popular name on the coffee market. The brand honors the legacy of its founder by sourcing the world’s best Columbian beans, grounding and roasting them to perfection.

Don Francisco’s 100 percent Columbia Supremo Ground Coffee is one of the best coffees from the brand, offering a distinct richness and notes of fruit and wine. The soft aroma complements the flavor with sweet floral notes.  This affordable option comes canned as it is stored in three containers 12 ox containers, totaling 36 oz for the three containers. The containers are a plus in that you can reuse them or discard them as you wish.

5. Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is probably the most popular coffee brand worldwide, operating in over 30,000 locations across the globe in more than 70 countries. The company was opened in 1971 and headquartered in Seattle Washington. If you’ve been to any of Starbucks’ coffeehouses, you will readily agree that the company sources and roasts high-quality beans.

Now, this isn’t to say that Starbucks roasts the best coffee beans but that the brand is known for delivering consistently decent quality coffees and that the brand is easily accessible, thus providing convenience. As expected, Starbucks has a wide range of coffee roasts in its product line, making it difficult to choose. For instance, you can choose to go for its Medium Roast Ground Coffee or its Dark Roast Ground Coffee.

6. Victor Allen’s Coffee

A subsidiary of Trilliant Food and Nutrition, Victor Allen’s Coffee was founded in 1979 in Madison, Wisconsin. The brand has risen over the years to become a leader in the specialty coffee segment by consistently offering the finest premium coffee alongside careful bean selection and expertise in roasting and packaging. The brand sources its coffee from more than 25 countries around the world and ensures that the beans meet existing standards for quality, taste, and smooth flavor.

Much like other coffee brands on the list, Victor Allen’s Coffee comes in a variety of options from light, medium, and dark roasts to everyday and seasonal flavors. For Columbian coffee, try its 100 percent Columbian Blend K-Cups. With regards to its flavor profile, this coffee is lively and bright, starting rich and warmly aromatic but landing softly with its mild acidity.

7. Eight O’Clock Coffee

You may have heard of this brand before. With more than 150 years of coffee wisdom under the belt, it’s no surprise that this North American brand dominates the coffee industry. The brand selects roasts and markets specialty coffees around the world. It is currently ranked the four largest coffee brands in terms of volume.

Expectedly, there are different products for you to explore to your heart’s content, especially if Columbian coffee is your favorite. If it is, then you are going to love Eight O’clock’s Pure Columbian Coffee, which is selected exclusively in regions of high altitudes and rich volcanic soils. This particular coffee is a medium roast and delivers smooth and wine notes as a differential. Because of the time and efforts put into the roasting as well as the choice of soil, the coffee delivers a unique flavor that you won’t find anywhere else.

8. Roast Ridge

Roast Ridge might not be a big name in the coffee industry like some of the big players on the list but the brand is considered a great coffee company. While the company’s history is largely unknown, Roast Ridge claims its coffees are inspired by the quality of coffee beans produced at high altitudes, which is one of the requirements for delicious coffees.

According to Roast Ridge, its coffees are grown between the elevation points of 1200 meters to 1800 meters above sea level while its beans are sourced from small family-owned farms from 5 different continents. To satisfy your desire for Columbian coffee, opt for Roast Ridge Colombian blend medium roast. It offers the best value flavor for its price.

9. Kirkland Signature

If you can’t seem to get enough of Costco’s items which are usually high-quality yet affordable, you just may love Kirkland Signature coffee. Kirkland Signature is a proprietary brand of Costco, and its beans are reportedly roasted by Starbucks.

Kirkland signature 100 percent Colombian Supremo bean coffee is a great way to start your day as it boasts an array of floral and chocolate notes in the flavor. It is balanced and aggressive with a great aroma. Its aromatic nature will make you want some more. However, Kirkland Signature doesn’t raise expectations too high as it states that this is not a classic Colombia but an interestingly flawed version that also happens to be a remarkable bargain.

10. Puroast

Puroast coffee was established in 1997 by Kerry and Jim Sach, but the seed was planted in the duo when they visited Venezuelan Andes and drank a cup of coffee that was astonishingly smooth and rich. Transferring what they learned to Northern California, the brothers started Puroast with the aim of making coffee that’s so smooth yet less bitter. Puroast’s beans are sourced from Southern America and grown by expert farmers.

The brand also claims that its roasting technology lowers pH by as much as 7- percent to reduce heartburn, acid reflux, and other stomach problems. Its Colombian Supremo is one of its offerings made from the highest quality Colombian grown coffee beans so you can feel great about what you are drinking while gaining relief from coffee-related digestive issues so you can take multiple cups every day.


There are many different Columbian coffees on the market, but you want to avoid picking just any option from your local supermarket, as you might end up with the wrong pick. If you’re looking to a create your perfect cup of Joe, reach out for any of the brands above for a memorable coffee experience.