How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

One of the greatest pleasures of life is drinking an amazing cup of coffee. In homes and offices, people don’t hesitate to make several trips to the coffee maker to get their fix. There are many health benefits of taking the brew. Some of them include a healthier liver and a lower risk of heart disease. But there is a hidden danger in all this. A large number of coffee makers are a breeding ground for germs.

The constant moisture, along with coffee particles in your machine, makes it a nice home for mold and yeast to grow. As they feed on the grime and suck on the moisture, they keep multiplying and at the same time ruining your coffee. This is why regular cleaning is a must.

This article will focus on how to clean a Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Vinegar

To do any cleaning, you will need cleaning supplies. When it comes to your coffee maker, you will need a soft cloth, a small bowl, and some white vinegar. You may also want to add some peppermint oil or lavender oil to control the harsh odor of vinegar.

Take the filter basket out of the device. Pour one cup of white vinegar into the tank and fill it with water. Start the brew cycle by pushing the “ON” button. After 20 or 30 secs, turn the device off and let it sit for 20 to 30 mins, then resume brewing.

Next, make sure every last drop of the solution is out of the tank then rinse with water by letting some freshwater in. Turn on the device and let it brew to enable clean water to reach every corner. As soon as the brewing cycle is complete and the tank is empty, repeat the rinsing a few more times.

The final step is to take out the plastic filter, drip tray, and coffee tank and wash it with mild soapy water using a clean, soft sponge or piece of cloth. Rinse and then leave it to dry. You should also get a damp cloth and use it to wipe all dust and coffee stains from the external parts of the coffee maker.

Vinegar is the liquid of choice for most people, and it is not without reason. Many coffee drinkers report that it is a very effective cleaning solution for their coffee makers. This is why.

Vinegar is an acetic acid that has germ-killing properties. White vinegar is an even better choice because it is colorless and won’t stain your device. As an acid, it easily breaks down grease and dirt that can make your machine unsuitable for use.

Still, there are some cons of using it as a cleaning agent. Vinegar has a harsh odor that can irritate the most tolerating person. The smell tends to linger on your appliance and home after a washing session. This can make some people hesitant to use it. It’s a good thing there’s a way around it. Besides using an antidote to the smell, you can use another compound as a substitute.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker with Baking Soda

As the name implies, it is used for baking of all kinds. It also has several health benefits for those who bake often. But there is more to it. Baking soda has stain removal and anti-germ qualities. It is also a safe and affordable alternative that is child and pet-friendly. This is why it is a good option for those looking to clean their Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

You can start by mixing one cup of warm water with a quarter cup of baking soda. Stir the mixture in the carafe until the solution is well mixed. Pour the mixture into the reservoir and return the carafe to its original place where it can collect coffee.

Start the machine and watch the water and baking soda work their way through the device and come out into the carafe. It will take some time to get all the liquid out of the machine. As soon as it is empty, pour the dirty water away and put some fresh one into the reservoir.

This is the point where you rinse. Let the clean water clear out all that is left of the solution, as you start the brewing process with just water in the device. The water that runs into the carafe should gradually get clearer as you refill the reservoir and let it empty into the carafe a couple of times.

The last step is to take out the removable parts – coffee tank, plastic filter, drip tray, and wash them in the dishwasher. You can also use a mild soap and wash it by hand using a soft sponge.

It’s important to leave it to drip dry before you reassemble the device. There’s also the option of wiping it dry with a clean cloth. You should also get a damp cloth and use it to wipe all dust and coffee stains from the external parts of the coffee maker.

Cleaning is probably the most important job in the world. Imagine what life would be without any cleaning at all. No one to dispose of our trash. Nothing and no one to clean our cars, streets, homes, and home appliances. Nothing to use to take a bath or wash our clothes. Every day would be a living nightmare, wouldn’t it?

Thankfully, we don’t have to live like that. We have methods and tools for cleaning every single thing in our world. We have cleaning manuals that come with our appliances to guide us when we’re confused. We also have blog articles like this one to give us that extra bit of information that can make a big difference.

You and your taste buds deserve epic coffee made in the most hygienic way. Getting your Hamilton Beach coffee maker in a spotless condition is a smart step in that direction. So, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, get all you need ready, and begin the grand task at hand.