Wholesale Coffee

Quality Coffee Drives Quality Business

WE strive to compliment each coffee's individual characteristics by roasting and brewing the coffee to their greatest profile potential. We offer wholesale coffee to restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses interested in our coffee at volume and membership discount prices.

Private Label

Enter the next generation of coffee with your brand riding the wave.

(Same wholesale pricing.)

Why choose private label?

Private labeling offers clients an opportunity to expand their branding. Clients with coffee on their menus can add an additional product and source of income to their existing items.

White Elephant Coffee Company provides the premium service of Client Coffee Customization. CCC gives clients an opportunity to join us in cuppings (tastings) and allows them to choose which coffees would go well with their brand, establishment, menu, flavor profiles, and budget. All we require are at least the letters WE in a 10 pt font printed visibly on the outside of the bag.

How does it work?

  • Bags, Tin Ties/Resealable Tape, and Stickers to be provided by you.
  • We will roast, bag, seal, and deliver the orders to your door.

Wholesale Purchasing

Want to Buy in Bulk?

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